WP's Best Poetry of 2020

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WP's Best Poetry of 2020
The best books of poetry from the Washington Post.
  • The Malevolent Volume}

    The Malevolent Volume

    Subverting celebrated classics of poetry and mythology and examining horrors from contemporary film and cultural fact, National Book Award winner Justin Phillip Reed engages darkness as an aesthetic to conjure the revenant animus that lurks ...
  • The Nightfields}

    The Nightfields

    The Nightfields closes with thirty-one metaphysical poems inspired by the artist James Turrell's Roden Crater, an extinct volcano in Arizona that Turrell has been transforming into an observatory for the perception of time.
  • Pale Colors in a Tall Field}

    Pale Colors in a Tall Field

    This is one of Phillips’s most tender, dynamic, and startling books yet.
  • Wicked Enchantment}

    Wicked Enchantment

    This is the first ever UK publication of the poetry of Wanda Coleman: a beat-up, broke Black woman who wrote with anger, humour and clarity about her life on the margins, and who went overlooked by the establishment for much of her career ...
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