Great Reads for October 2020

Added by John Biggs on 2020-11-30 14:48:45


Great Reads for October 2020
Great Reads from my substack.
  • This Isn't Happening}

    This Isn't Happening

    Acclaimed rock critic Steven Hyden digs deep into the songs, history, legacy, and mystique of Kid A, outlining the album's pervasive influence and impact on culture in time for its twentieth anniversary in 2020.
  • Poland 1939}

    Poland 1939

    In Poland 1939, Roger Moorhouse reexamines the least understood campaign of World War II, using original archival sources to provide a harrowing and very human account of the events that set the bloody tone for the conflict to come.
  • Gentlemen Scientists and Revolutionaries}

    Gentlemen Scientists and Revolutionaries

    In Gentlemen Scientists and Revolutionaries, Tom Shachtman provides the full story of how the intellectual excitement of scientific discoveries had a powerful influence on America's Founding Fathers.
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