Books By John Biggs

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Books By John Biggs
These are the books I wrote.
  • Bloggers Boot Camp}

    Bloggers Boot Camp

    Though rules in creating compelling content haven’t really changed, ways in which the world blogs has since the last edition. The authors have learned a lot about social media since writing the previous edition’s manuscript.
  • Black Hat}

    Black Hat

    * Accessible to both lay readers and decision-makers * These stories are as exciting, if even more exciting, than even the most fast-paced movie adventure.
  • Mytro}


    Imagine Mytro. The first book in the Mytro trilogy, this thrill ride of a story follows Turtle and Agata as they learn the secrets of a mysterious group trying to control the world and the strange creatures that could destroy it.
  • Building Intelligent Cloud Applications}

    Building Intelligent Cloud Applications

    This book is divided into three parts with application examples woven throughout: Cloud-based development: Learn the basics of serverless computing with machine learning, Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS), and the use of APIs Adding ...
  • Marie Antoinette's Watch}

    Marie Antoinette's Watch

    Culminating in a heist in a Tel Aviv antiquities museum in the 1980s, Biggs tells the story of how one object can transform countries, cultures, high technology, and time itself.
  • Get Funded!: The Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide to Seriously Successful Fundraising}

    Get Funded!: The Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide to Seriously Successful Fundraising

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