Best watch books for lovers of time

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Best watch books for lovers of time
These are some of the best books about horology and time-keeping.
  • Longitude}


    The dramatic human story of an epic scientific quest and of one man's forty-year obsession to find a solution to the thorniest scientific dilemma of the day--"the longitude problem.
  • Marie Antoinette's Watch}

    Marie Antoinette's Watch

    Culminating in a heist in a Tel Aviv antiquities museum in the 1980s, Biggs tells the story of how one object can transform countries, cultures, high technology, and time itself.
  • Breguet}


    This dazzling exploration of the work of renowned horologist Breguet is also a fascinating look at what makes watches and other timepieces tick.
  • Watchmakers}


    SELLING POINTS: * The masterworks of thirteen legendary independent watchmakers collected in a highly illustrated volume * Contains detailed sketches and images of the watches, and accompanying specs * Photographs of the masters at work and ...
  • The Rolex Story}

    The Rolex Story

    This book traces the manufacturer's development from the 1920s, when it began its steady rise to unprecedented international appeal, to the present.
  • A Grand Complication}

    A Grand Complication

    With meticulous research, vivid historical details, and a wealth of dynamic personalities, A Grand Complication is the fascinating story of the thrilling duel between two of the most intriguing men of the early twentieth century.
  • The Grand Complication}

    The Grand Complication

    Critically acclaimed for his international bestseller, "A Case of Curiosities," Kurzweil presents "The Grand Complication"--a modern-day tale of literary intrigue, deviant passions, and delicious secrets.
  • A Man & His Watch}

    A Man & His Watch

    The volume is filled with heartfelt stories.” —T: The New York Times Style Magazine Paul Newman wore his Rolex Daytona every single day for 35 years until his death in 2008.
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